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Our Review Of The Best Cowboy Boots For Women With Wide Feet

Fitting & Sizing Guide

When you try to find the best cowboy boots for women with wide feet, it`s essential to find the right width first.  Boots that perfectly fit can be extremely comfortable and can are snug around your foot (every boot should conform to each foot as they are both very much different).

If your boots are not correct in size, either being too wide or long, you will not be able to strut or saunter whilst you walk. If your cowboy boots are too small, your knees, hips, legs and feet will be in pain even after you have already taken off your cowboy boots.

For the people who order their boots from an online, finding an accurate boot size can be very problematic. The right size should just fit snugly (don’t be confused with a tight fit). But if your feet are sliding easily into the boot, the boots may just be oversized.

The best cowboy boots for wide feet are normally designed to fit like no other boot. In your normal day to day shoes, it is usually advisable that you buy shoes that are slightly bigger than your feet for the most comfort. However, with cowboy boots, we generally advise that you buy smaller boots than your feet.

This is due to genuine leather expands and will conform to your foot.  This is the reason why you will want the boots to be a little snug when you are wearing them for the first time.

In addition to this, if you buy bigger boots than your feet, the boots will be comfortable once the leather starts breaking. You can avoid having blisters developing on your feet once you start using cowboy boots have a wide width in the foot.

After purchasing your boots, you need to make sure you put them on whilst on a soft carpet.  This will help to avoid damaging the soles of the boots, in case you will need to return them.

Take a seat and grab the pull straps firmly and pull them upward.  As you push your foot, the foot should enter with a ‘PLOP’ like sound. If your foot just simply slides in, you will need to return them and get a size smaller.

For those cowboy boots with pointed toes, you may be wondering whether they may require a different size?  It`s definitely worth noting that cowboy boots manufacturers, do consider all the different types of toes when designing the boots. This will mean that the same size cowboy boot, will be the same for both a pointed toe and a rounded toe.

The standard width that is used to describe a woman’s cowboy boot, is ‘B’ and for the narrow boot is ‘A’ but while wide boots are ‘C’.  We do recommend wearing the cowboy boots with some boot socks, as this will help to reduce slippage and shock.

They will also provide a comfortable stay put over the calf, to fit the tall shafts that are generally found in wide cowboy boots. Unlike your normal usual socks, boot socks are designed to help absorb moisture to help keep your feet dry and warm.


Our Selection Of The 5 Best Cowboy Boots for Women with Wide Feet

Choice No.5: John Deere Women`s Wellington Boot

John Deere Women’s Wellington Boots are very practical for any of your outdoor activities and are tough enough to really handle some harsh conditions.

 With their rounded toe, they give you sufficient wiggle room. Whilst the steel shank and cushioned insole will work, hand in hand to deliver all the necessary comfort and support.

The use of the Goodyear welt construction technique, that is used to attach the sole offers additional flexibility and comfort.

womens wide calf western boots
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Boot Features:


  • 10 Inch Shaft
  • Quality Steel Shank Design
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Lightweight Outer sole
  • Moisture-Proof Material
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Funky Design and Quality Construction: The mixture of leather and  the green camouflage color can be described as a fun design.
  • Versatile Usage: These are tough and very versatile, so can be worn for over a year and can easily be used for ranching, hiking, and farming too.
  • Somewhat Dull Front-side: However tho, the boot has a few design fails, one of them being a boxy front which appears uninspiring. we accept that they are working boots, a more playful design wouldn’t hurt.
  • Few Tight Leather Spots:These also have a rather tight slope around the area where the leather ends, but this will adjust itself after time.
Average Customer Rating : 4.4 / 5

Our Verdict

Women that are looking for the best cowboy boots for wide feet, may just find it a bit thinner on the upper part. However, you should not let these little discrepancies put you off. These boots have been made to last and they are extremely comfortable for day to day use too.

These cowboy boots do somehow lack in terms of fashion, but as well as they have some quality issues. John Deere are very good with making farm equipment, so hopefully they can bring the same top quality to their boots.

We give them 3 out of 5. But However, as far as the features and benefits are, they make a good choice for us to place them in 5th place for best cowboy boot for women with wide feet.

Choice No.4: Justin Boots Women`s Bent Rail Square toe 

Justin Bent Rail Cowboy boots for women collection is a durable, aesthetically beautiful and comfortable range of cowboy boots.


They are generally inspired by alternative country music and feature burnished calfskin leather, they also spot a fancy 11” leather shaft, with the lining also made up of leather.

The insole is covered with a leather cushioning and a triple density insole board.

cowboy boots for women with wide feet
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Boot Features:


  • Made in USA Design
  • 11 Inch Shaft
  • Unique Square Toe Profile
  • Great Traction and Grip
  • Handcrafted Leather Construction
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Attractive Custom Design and Looks: Justin Boots Women’s Bent Rail 11″ Broad Square-Toe Boot, which is very appealing due to their chic, custom eye-catching design that radiates versatility. They can be worn with anything from designer jeans to sundresses.
  • Perfect Fitting and Dynamic Usage: These come in various sizes, as to fit all sizes of feet (7.5B – 9.5B), so for those looking for the best cowboy boots for wide feet, these boots are serious contenders. These can b worn for parties, or even wading through mud and even for dancing.
  • Inconsistency in Sizing: However, some people have complained, that their size is not consistent.  But this is to be expected in leather boots. They also have a narrow calf however their width more than makes up for this.
  • They also require thick socks which make them hot. This can be solved by using custom made inserts and thinner socks.
Average Customer Rating : 4.7 / 5

Our Verdict

They are beautiful and  most definitely durable cowboy boots for women having wider feet. They have a few quacks but,  nothing that should put you off.

If you are trying to search for good quality, stylish,  and durable Made in USA wide cowboy boot.  Then you should be seriously considering buying yourself a pair of Justin Women’s Bent Rail Square Toe Cowboy Boot.

We give them 3.5 out of 5, this is due to its unique features, and overall material quality and there versatile usage.

Choice No.3: Tony Lama Women`s Bark Santa Fe Boot 

Tony Lama Women’s Bark Santa Fe Cowboy Boot, features a nice wingtip toe and has extremely beautiful detailed stitching. These women’s cowboy boots are built with upper leather fitting for maximum durability.


Their front spots a square E toe type, that is not only stylish but it also brings a modern look. The cushioned insole increases foot comfort and firmness, by preventing the feet from sliding in the boot.

The leather outsole of the boots, goes further to improve flexibility and gives them a tough exterior that can easily handle all rough terrains.

cowboy boots for women with wide feet
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Boot Features:


  • Good Quality Leather
  • Handmade Construction
  • Santa FE Leather Upper
  • Comfortable Insole
  • Quality Outsole Design
  • Modern Square E Toe Design
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Attractive Looks and Style: This particular Tony Lama women`s wide cowboy boot impresses peöple when walking in them. It definitely has that charisma, löoks and more exquisite style.

Its sharp angles reflect elegance and this böot has öne of the most feminine töuches we have known sö far.

  • Very Comfortable and Durable Too: The boot nöt just looks fabulous but at the same time it alsö passes the quality test with flying colörs.

Use of Santa FE leather upper, cushiöned insoles and almöst 11 inches shaft offers you an excellent cömfort and durability.

  • Perfect Fit for Women with Wide Feet: Yes, this is öf course one of the primary benefits why we have chösen it at first overview.

The modern Square E Töe design and embössed wingtip töe gives your wide feet ample place to fit perfectly inside the böot. Even for wömen with very muscular calves, this böot works to a great extent.

  • Minor Sizing Issue: As far as any weaknesses are cöncerned, there is really nöthing major tö mention in this case.

Generally, the böots are good despite söme few quarks that cöme with any handcrafted pröduct i.e. some boots may vary in size. Höwever, this may not be nöticeable to most peöple.

Some peöple have complained about the föot sizing issue. Few fölks have experienced the problem öf narrow shaft and stiff leather. Because of this, they were nöt able to wear the boots cömfortably.

As per our fitting guide for wide cowboy boots, which is mentioned in the beginning of this article.  It is important that you order the right sized boot, when you are purchasing them online.

This is a problem that can easily be tackled, by knowing your foot size correctly and then ordering yourself the correct sized cowboy boots.

Average Customer Rating : 4.3 / 5

Our Verdict

For the fashion conscious lady, this Tony Lama Women’s Bark Santa Fe Boot is definitely a fantastic gift. It shows off a lot of class and style when you walk in them.

If you`re looking for a classy, stylish, durable and a well cushioned women’s cowboy boot.

This is the boot you should most deffinately be considering for use on a regular basis. We give it 4 stars out of 5.

Choice No.2: Laredo Women`s Miss Kate Western Boot

These Laredo Women’s Miss Kate Western Cowboy Boots can be used gorgeously with any outfit. These boots have beautiful inlay details that surround the distressed looking leather.


They have been crafted with an all brown leather which comprises the collar overlays. The shafts of this boot are covered with pink leather with fancy cut wingtips. They have soft linings and insoles for comfort.

Laredo tramples all over its competition, by giving their boots a quality leather construction that are extremely fashionable. They have also given them a comfort fabric mesh lining that also contains taped seams.

cowboy boots for women with wide feet
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Boot Features:


  • 12 Inches Shaft
  • Premium Leather Construction
  • Right Dimensions for Wide Feet Women
  • Fancy Designing on The Upper
  • Snip Toe Style and Flex Outsole
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Very Comfortable to Use: If you have large calves and wide feet, then this specific Laredo Women’s Miss Kate Western Boot is the perfect option.
  • Easier to Put On and Off: The boot comes with pull tabs, which will make your life easy.  You can comfortably wear these boots and take them off without hassle.
  • Very Stylish and Attractive: There are alot of decorative cutouts, stitching and piping details on the upper. This improves the overall look and style of the boot. It has vibrant colors and possesses a snip style toe.

This Laredo Women’s Cowboy Boot is very fashionable and attractive which is a big reason why we also added it at number two entry in our wide cowboy boots rankings.

  • Color May Look Little Washed Out: Some customers have made complaits about the actual quality of the color. They have also said that the boots they have received were a little washed out.

This could be a rare case, because lots of people never complained about the color issue. Anyway, itt`s always a good idea to online boot purchases at well known online retail sites such as Amazon.  Where you can buy and return defected products very easily if you find any issues.

  • The Boot might Feel Smaller in Sizing: Sometimes, people also face issues with actual fitting and sizing of their purchased boot. This is why it`s better to have the right understanding about your actual foot size, so that you can order the right sized cowboy boot online.
Average Customer Rating : 4.6 / 5

Our Verdict

All the above features and pros explain the reason why, we have ranked these Laredo Women’s Miss Kate Western Cowboy Boot at no. 2 ranking.

It is a highly comfortable, stylish, durable, attractive, well cushioned and supportive in thier nature. This is the single reason it is on top of our list.

We give them 4.5 stars out of 5.

Choice No.1: Ariat Women`s Heritage Western R Toe Boot

Ariat is a globally recognized brand, which make top quality cowboy boots for men and women of all ages.


It`s a brand which is also known for its quality engineered western style boots, that are perfect for riding, casual wear and for many working activities.

Ariat Women`s Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot, is one of the most popular cowboy boots for women with wide feet.

The following features listed below, will provide you with the reasons to why we have ranked it as the best cowboy boot for women with wide feet.

cowboy boots for women with wide feet
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Boot Features:


  • Exclusive ATS Technology
  • ATS Composite Shank
  • Well Cushioned Foot bed
  • Quality Leather Upper
  • Duratread Outsole
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Stylish and Attractive Design: This Ariat women’s cowboy boot offers a very classic look with the full grain leather decorated with a floral stitch pattern. The thick durable leather makes them more appealing.
  • Highly Comfortable and Durable: There comfortable foot bed is greatly suited for usage all day without fatigue. The boot has a durable outer sole, gel cushioned foot bed.
  • More Versatile in Usage: The detailed designing and its overall style make the böots more appröpriate for great occasions of your life such as yöur birthday bash or wedding ceremöny prögrams, etc.
  • May not be Suitable for Women with Smaller Calf: If you have smaller calves, these may possibly not be the ideal choice as a woman’s cowboy boot.

If you see a boot with size 6 online, then it would be better to order a boot with one size smaller

Also, if you have small or skinny legs, it would probably be best to try and avoid these boots.

But instead, you could go for one of our other boots that made it in the ranking.

Average Customer Rating : 4.4 / 5

Our Verdict

As for our views are concerned, these have to be one of the most elegant, stylish and extremely comfortable true western styled cowboy boots for women.

They feature a classic and royal R-toe design coupled with Ariat’s exclusive ATS technology.  With a cushioned foot bed, attractive stitching pattern, durable and supportive sole and many more unique characteristics.

They are sufficiently wide for women who have large calves. And, it also manages to maintain its all-imprtant durability which is with out a doubt, a very big distinguishing factor for quality cowboy boots.

They are specifically comfortable for women looking for the best cowboy boots for wide feet and we also feel that these boots deserve the top spot position.

We give them a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.