Are you on a quest to find the most comfortable cowboy boots or best cowboy boots?Then you’re in the right place. Because I have done the hard work for you and have reviewed dozens of products to bring you the most comfortable cowboy boots and best cowboy boots.In addition, I will introduce the following related topics.
  • Product Details (Including advantages and disadvantages) 
  • Cowboy Boots Buyer’s Guide
  • Types of Cowboy Boots
  • Types of Materials
I will also answer some common questions.
  • What is the importance of heel height?
  • Will I need to waterproof my cowboy boots?
  • Is it necessary for me to add spurs to my cowboy boots?
  • Will spurs cause pain to my horse?

Choice No.01: Ariat Men’s Rambler Wide Square Toe

The first one on this list is a cowboy boot which I found to be very comfortable, which is why it’s my pick. These boots got designed with an emphasis on comfort.These mid-calf Western boots feature square toes that are suitable for anyone that has wide feet, and I certainly fall into that category. The heels aren’t very different from ropers squared off, providing support, balance, and stability to the feet.Ariat boots have a reputation for meeting athletic demands, and these boots are certainly no exception. The footbed is moisture-wicking, which keeps your feet comfy, even if you’ve been walking the whole day.
Ariat Rambler Comfortable Men Cowboy Boot
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Boot Features:
  • Mid-calf Western boot with square toe with decorative stitching
  • Advanced Torque Stability technology with composite forked shank and..
  • Distressed leather foot and upper
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Worn-in and yet clean and minimalistic look
  • Available in two different stylish colors
  • Footbed is moisture-wicking
  • Square toes are perfect for wider feet
  • Made using full-grain and premium leather
  • Runs a size bigger than other shoes
  • Breaking in can take two weeks
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Our Verdict

 On top of that, the footbed also has gel-cushioning to offer maximum shock absorption.The outsole has a lining that uses Duratread technology designed to withstand wear and tear. The boots even have lightweight composite forked shanks which are designed to offer stability.The company claims that these boots are designed for rodeo and ranching, but I also found them to be very comfortable for walking.

Choice No.02: Durango Men’s DB594 11″ Harness Boot

With their handsome, masculine look, these cowboy boots have a rugged look that would be great for parties. They feature a lot of advanced technologies that support and cushion feet when you’re moving, which enhances proper posture while lowering fatigue.
Durango Comfortable Men Cowboy Boot
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Boot Features:
  • Rugged harness detail offers a handsome, masculine look.
  • Steel shank
  • Metal Hardware
  • Slip and oil resistant
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Better fit thanks to harness ankle straps
  • Rugged-leather look
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Useful in different circumstances
  • Easy to put on
  • Slightly heavy
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

 Additionally, the footbeds are moisture-wicking, which offer the wearer dry, cool comfort so you can work or play all day long. They’re crafted using premium full-grain leather and feature a worn-in design.

Choice No.03: ARIAT Men’s Heritage Roper Western Bootc

I personally love these boots because they combine the low scallop and stylish look of Stockmans with the comfortable low squared-off heels of Ropers. These boots are almost identical in their comfort features to the first pick on this list, namely the lightweight shanks and gel-cushioned, moisture-wicking Duratred soles.However, the toes are a bit narrower, and that makes these unsuitable for anyone with wide feet, like me. However, what they’re lacking in the toe shape, they more than make up for in terms of style and design.
Dan Post Comfortable Men
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Boot Features:
  • Full-grain leather foot and upper
  • Four-row Western collar stitch pattern
  • Leather lining
  • Duratread outsole
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Ideal for casual and formal looks alike
  • Available in five stylish designs and colors
  • Perfect sizing
  • Pair well with suits and slacks
  • Made from full-grain leather
  • Tow shapes are somewhat narrower compared to Ariat Ramblers
  • Some users have complaints about lumpy footbeds
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

 If your biggest factor is how the boots look, then you’ll be happy to know that these boots are available in five various styles and colors, all of which offer formal yet minimalistic looks.Compared to how plainly the Ariat Ramblers look, these are a far cry, since they feature both tonal stitching as well as the company’s embossed logo. One thing that I find irresistible about these boots is the leather linings, which aren’t just very comfortable when wearing them, but downright luxurious.

Choice No.04: Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee RToe

Regardless of whether you choose to hit the cityscape or the countryside, these Dan Post boots are a great way to do either. They’re designed from durable leather built to last you a long time. Additionally, these boots sport an attractive Western look.Are they as comfortable as any boots listed above? Yes, they are. That’s likely due to the insole cushioning that assures you of comfort all day long. Without a doubt, these boots can be worn all day for work with either jeans or formal pants. They’re all-around great, save one thing.Dan Post should place a liner or just about anything inside just so they can cover up the side seam stitched line.
Dan Post Comfortable Men
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Boot Features:
  • Experience The Handcrafted Difference.
  • Cushion comfort and lightweight design
  • Supportive shank
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Helps out with foot pain
  • Comfy and stylish
  • Cushioned insoles
  • Good-quality leather
  • Over time, the material will start peeling
  • Rather small
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

On top of this, they’re not really at all heavy, so if your legs are more on the slim side, they look really nice with Cuban heels.Try these as soon as you can, and you’ll see how the workmanship on these shoes is elegant and lovely. What else do I love about these? That would have to be the cushioned insole and soft, polished Mignon leather. Go buy them and then feel free to put them quite often. 

Choice No.05: Guide Gear Men’s 12″ Cowboy Boots

These boots are a prime choice for many environmentalists since the material is animal-friendly. Even though I was initially hesitant to try it out, given how it’s not genuine leather, I was rather amazed at just how authentic the look and texture was.The decorative stitching along the shaft is something else I like for the cowboy flair. These are knee-high cowboy boots with 2-inch heels and rubber pads that make walking more comfortable. The insoles are also padded for more protection and comfort.
Dan Post Comfortable Men
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Boot Features:
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Made from animal-friendly materials
  • Cowboy-styled stitching
  • Available in two different colors
  • Good fit
  • Ideal for those with slim feet
  • The knee-high shaft gets a little uncomfortable after a while
  • Not good for wider feet
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

Even with the knee-high shafts, they’re still easy to get on given the dual pull-on loops that are on both sides of these boots. These boots are also light in weight, which means you need not worry about fatigue and exhaustion even when you spend the whole day walking.

Choice No.06: Refresh Women Wild-02 Western Style Cowboy Boots

If you’re still in doubt about whether you should buy these boots or not, go ahead and get them! They look great with tights or skinny jeans, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to wear them.In fact, these boots go very well with pretty much anything, thanks to their cute and soft design. Make sure you buy some ankle socks to go with your boots and you’ll have the perfect outfit for lots of special occasions.If you want to buy a pair, keep in mind that these boots are true to size, so you won’t need to order a bigger size. Just make sure you wear them with thick socks and you’ll have a perfect fit. The lining is smooth and soft to touch.These boots are surely worth their price, as they offer great value for money. The looks and the quality of these boots make them appear as more expensive than they actually are. 
REFRESH Women Wild-02 Western Style Cowboy Boots
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Boot Features:
  • Synthetic
  • Rubber Sole
  • Lightweight
  • Faux Leather Upper
  • Great for everyday wear
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Cute design
  • Nice, soft feel
  • Great value for money
  • True to size fit
  • The slightly lighter color
  • The rather loose shaft
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

Nonetheless, there are users who have said that getting these boots on and off is a cumbersome thing to do. In spite of this, many of them have confessed that these boots look polished enough to go very well with a pretty skirt, being therefore the ideal choice for cowboy themed parties and not only.If you need extra foot support, consider adding an insert. The heel is wide enough to offer stability. In addition, the cute look and the nice feel of these boots make them one of my top preferences in terms of casual but stylish footwear.

Choice No.07: West Blvd – Wild-02 Tan Pu

How would you like a pair of chic women’s cowboy boots?take a closer look at thee Western shoes, as they may be exactly what you need! You can wear them on a casual date or on a night out in town.The best thing about these boots is that they aren’t pointy in the toes like most cowboy boots. These ones feature a rounded point and the ideal heel height.These boots feel quite loosey, but this isn’t a big problem. All boot heels make those clicky noises every now and then
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Boot Features:
  • MATERIAL: Synthetic
  • MEASUREMENTS: Heel Height~2.5 / Platform Height~0.25 / Shaft Height~10
  • FINEST QUALITY: Worn for every season, these boots feature
  • WEAR YEAR ROUND:, These womens boots feature a comfortable cushioned
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Very nice design
  • Great feeling on the feet
  • Lovely details
  • Good level of comfort
  • Stitching is a little off to the side
  • Feet may develop small blisters for a while
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

 Would you ever wear your cowboy boots at a concert? If you would, these boots are going to make a great investment. They are true to size and they don’t hurt the feet, so I warmly recommend them.Their nice design is something you’re surely going to like. I like them so much that I’d order another pair in a different color. Even though these boots don’t provide any arch support, they are comfortable and nicely built. They seem to be as durable as high-end ones.

Choice No.08: Justin Boots Women’s Stampede Collection

Justin Boots Women’s 12″ Stampede Boot will satisfy your crave for high comfort technology. Their lovely stitches and their carefully worked overlays make these boots very feminine.In addition to looking good, the boots are also highly functional, thanks to their technical Western rubber sole.Comfortable and built with a great attention to detail, these boots offer an excellent mix of flexibility and style.These leather boots feature highly detailed shafts and solid pull straps. Besides, they feel comfortable even after many hours of wearing them.The things I like the most, though, are the high-quality finish and the elaborate detail.
Justin Boots Women`s Bent Rail Square
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Boot Features:
  • J-Flex Flexible Comfort System with removable orthotic insert and…
  • Single stitched mahogany welt
  • New 55 Scallop
  • Built for performance with style
  • Designed for exceptional stability, durability, flexibility
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Great level of comfort
  • High-quality leather and craftsmanship
  • Solid grip
  • Beautiful stitches
  • A little too wide for those with narrow feet
  • Slightly heavy
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

 These boots come with removable orthotic inserts and feature stabilization tech. They offer the best of two worlds, comfort and looks. The stitches are nothing short of amazing. They look great in combination with the high-quality leather and with the finely tooled overlays.They may be a bit heavy and thick, but the stitching is surely attention-grabbing. By wearing a pair of these boots, you can have the comfort without compromising on the looks. Beware, though, the brown color tends to be deeper and richer than the image on Amazon.

Choice No.09: Women’s DailyShoes Embroidered Legend Western

Now it’s time for you to get some of the most comfortable cowboy boots you’re ever going to find. Perhaps you’d like some with a hint of Western flair, right?These cool cowboy boots might be your ideal choice, as they are not only fun and trendy but also affordable.If you don’t believe it, just give them a try and see for yourself!Inspired by classic cowboy boot constructions, these boots have a trendy look that’s never going to go out of style. They are stitched with a traditional pattern.The vintage shaped upper area features contoured stitching that enhances the effect of these boots on the viewer.The tops are rather large, so you won’t have a problem in putting these boots on within a couple of seconds before hitting the road.
Women’s DailyShoes Embroidered Legend Western
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Boot Features:
  • A True Western Classic Go West Fashionista!–The Dailyshoes Classic…
  • The Boots Are Stitched To Give Them A Classic Western Pattern Along…
  • Made For Every Lady 14″ Circumference Lets These Boots Comfortably Fit…
  • Premium Construction Made From Vegan Leather For Durability; Nonslip…
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Rubber heel for a good grip
  • Great design
  • Cool color scheme
  • Hidden pockets inside
  • Great for walking
  • The ankle has a weird fit
  • The boots have a peculiar smell
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

 The best thing about these boots is that you can pair them with any outfit you want such as skinny jeans, leggings, dresses, and skirts. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating inspiring looks that feature these stylish and sexy boots.If you hate carrying out a purse, you’ll love the pockets within the boots. They are perfect for storing your belongings during a dance night out. This means, though, that you may want to order one size bigger, just to make sure you’ll feel comfortable.

Choice No.10:Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe

If you love the country look, you’ll find these boots quite stylish, with their smooth black leather foot and their carefully stitched leather shaft.These Justin Boots fit the definition of classic. Their Western detail combined with the J-Flex Comfort system will offer you both the design and the comfort you need. Classic doesn’t need to mean uncomfortable.These boots are made from modern materials, with modern technologies, while also preserving the classic look that may have attracted you to them in the first place.All you need is to try them once to see how comfortable they are right off the bat. You’ll probably want to wear them each and every weekend
Justin Boots Women’s Classic Western Boot Narrow Square Toe
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Boot Features:
  • J-Flex Comfort System, Toe: J3 Narrow Square Toe
  • Memory foam midsole
  • Pitch-perfect from top to bottom, this classic boot delivers comfort..
List of ProsList of Cons
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Very good quality design
  • Lovely style and color
  • Good fit
  • Large shaft (although this is great for women with large calf muscles)
  • Slightly different from the product photo.
Average Customer Rating : 0.0 / 5

Our Verdict

These boots are designed for walking. However, your feet may feel a bit tired after a very long day. These boots suit people who have large calf muscles. If you are one of them, you probably know how frustrating it can be to seek for the perfect pair of boots.Just try out these ones and you may end up with a solid and reliable pair of boots for your leisure time.The leather outsole is stylish. However, it is also a bit slippery, so you may want to be careful while walking around in these boots. At the same time, you’ll have an easier time at gliding across the floor, if this is what you want. How would it be to be able to dance like nobody’s watching, without having to take your shoes off?With these boots, you can! The big question is whether these boots are comfortable enough to wear. My answer is a big yes.

Cowboy Boot Types

To find out which type of cowboy boot is the most comfortable, it is important to first become familiar with the different types available. These include the following:

1. Ropers

These boots measure 1 inch high and feature the lowest of heels, which why they are called the walking heel and are the most comfortable when it comes to walking.The ropers also feature squared-off heels which are perpendicular to the soles of these boots. The toe shape on most of these boots is round with flexible soles, which have made extremely comfortable for walking.

2. Stockman

These boots are well-known for their wide and short heels that provide the correct support and balance to the wearer.These boots have wide toe boxes along with rubber soles which is similar to most of the cowboy walking boots on the market. The Stockman differs from other boot types due to their deeper scallops.

3. Western Work Boots

The Western Work Boot features a roper-style heel. In general, this type of boot comes with mid-calf shafts that measure between 9 to 12-inches in height.The toe box is slightly rounded or tapered which offers a working experience that is more comfortable.

4. Buckaroo

These boots stand out from others due to their colorful, intricate, and eye-catching designs. Due to this, this is the type of boot that is worn best for riding. However, they are usually not a popular option for walking for most cowboys as they feature high heels which are usually 2-inches or more in height.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Cowboy Boots


Similar to all other forms of footwear, the way that you will care for cowboy boots will not only determine how great they will look but also how longlasting they will be and how they will be able to conduct the tasks that you require from them. Boots that have been cared for well will also be far more comfortable, will not retain odors, and will provide protection for your feet. Yet knowing how to care for cowboy boots will take education and a bit of your time. You also need to ensure you perform these routines on a regular basis to make sure the shoes stay in optimum condition, even when you are working them hard.The most common material for cowboy boots would have to be leather. This is typically 100% genuine Cowhide leather or other types of animal skins. Each of these options will require different care types. While each of these choices comes with its own unique benefits, they may also require care that is intensive in order to maintain them in the best condition possible.Making sure your boots stay in good condition will contribute to the life-span and how the shoes look and feel. If you use these boots to work in every day you will not want shoes that crack which will allow in moisture or other debris while you are working. Additionally, a heel that breaks could be detrimental to the hard work you put these boots through.Even if you wear your cowboy boots for purposes that are not work-related, they still require extensive care. In most cases, a pair of cowboy boots is an expensive investment and you will want them to look good for as long as possible. It is important to consider the type of effort you are prepared to put up with when it comes to the upkeep of your shoes. It is also a good idea to weigh up the pros along with the cons when it comes to different material types.


The alligator hide boots are exceptionally durable and tough. This is why it is preferred material when it comes to hard-working boots. The care involved for this material type is similar to the processes involved in caring for Cowhide leather.This will begin with brushing away loose dirt and debris. It is possible to use a product such as a saddle-soap, yet it is important to be careful. You want to avoid allowing the Alligator boots to dry out too much as they might become susceptible to cracks.You will condition these boots using a Reptile specific conditioner. These formulations are made specifically for this type of material and will ensure your boots carry on feeling and looking great.Another great alternative is to use a non-silicone weather protectant which will add a layer of protection against rain and wet and muddy conditions.


The snakeskin boots will require an added level of care along with skilled experience in order to keep these boot in the best condition. While these boots may look fantastic they are very delicate.The caring process requires the use of a slightly damp soft cloth made out of cotton. For any dirt or debris that is visible, use a very soft brush to remove it. To condition your boots you will need to find the conditioners that are made specifically for snakeskin. If you use a Cowhide leather conditioner it could weaken or damage the delicate snakeskin.If you are unsure about the cleaning techniques, ask for advice from knowledgeable sources. This could include the retailer where you purchased the boots from, a trusted cobbler, or online forums.


Many of us have noticed that the majority of working cowboy boots are made out of 100% Genuine Cowhide leather. This material is well-known for its outstanding durability and they are relatively easy to care for, making it obvious as to why this material is usually the best option.Knocking off debris and dirt and cleaning the boots with saddle soap happens to be a relatively easy task. You can also choose to shine your boots to the gloss that you prefer. It is also important to use a good quality leather conditioner to ensure your boots remain supple and are not susceptible to cracking. It is also an easier task to find the weather-protecting creams or sprays for cowhide leather boots. When you care for the leather on these boots they will look fantastic and offer you many years of great use.There are other materials that are used to make boots and each is associated with its own set of benefits. Choosing a pair of boots that are perfect for your needs will involve experience when it comes to wearing the shoe type that you are interested in. If this is your very first pair, staying with Cowhide leather boots will guarantee a good shoe that is easy to care for. When you have more experience on how to maintain your shoes, then you can start to think about different styles and types which often require an added level of care.

The Fit

When it comes to cowboy boots you need to choose a style that fits your feet well. To find out about how the different styles fit, you will need to try each style on to find out which type fits your feet the best.It is important to know that certain styles may fit your foot differently, so you may need to change the size from your standard footwear number. In addition to trying on the boots, it is also important to find out if there is any advice about the fit from the manufacturer.


When you start shopping around for your cowboy boots you will probably notice two main types. The 1st type is the rounded models that feature pointed noses, while the second type is a square-toe model. If you have narrow feet the pointed nose and rounded styles are best, and if you have wider feet go for the square-toe models.


Before you decide on a new pair of boots you need to make sure they can improve your entire look. Think about the fitting and decorations that match up to your style. For example, if you are petite and short, the taller boots might not be the best option.


Perhaps the more important factor when choosing any type of shoe will come down to foot health. Your feet usually take on a lot over a normal working day. They support your body weight, along with your bones, tendons, and muscles and support the force of all types of movements that you make which includes running and walking. If your daily activities involve a lot of running or walking or even standing for hours on end, you need to make sure that the boots you choose are supportive, more importantly in the heel and arch area.If you have a condition such as flat-feet, knee or back pain or plantar fasciitis, you need to find the type of footwear that assists with these types of issues. Many of the cowboy boots do not offer this type of high-level of support which is why you may need to use inserts or custom orthotics.


To prevent joint pain and fatigue, find the footwear that comes with cushioning insoles or shock-absorbing midsoles. Today, there are many manufacturers that now include these features in the shoes that they produce, meaning you can choose from materials such as memory foam, latex, cork or EVA. Similar to the support features, cushioning are able to improve the comfort levels of your boot along with a great insole which offers a simple and affordable option.


When it comes to the type of weather conditions that you work in, it is also important to consider the interior of the shoes. If you wear these boots in the summer months, an unlined shoe which will allow the leather uppers to be more breathable is a better option. You may also want to think about a moisture-wicking or mesh lining that moves moisture away from your feet, which will prevent bacterial growth and bad odors. On the other hand, if you need boots for winter you will need a level of insulation and maybe even water protection.


All of the styles of cowboy boots happen to be a slip-on style and they do not usually feature buckles or laces that usually assist with loosening or tightening the fit. Some of the fashion models might come with zipper closures which make taking them off or putting them on a bit easier, yet overall these boots do not come with many adjustable features. This is the reason why a well-cared for and quality leather upper happens to be so important.The good-quality uppers stretch slightly and break-in, which will accommodate your foot’s unique shape. This will ensure your boots fit similar to a glove. The breaking in should take a few days, yet a high-quality pair of shoes is worth the effort and trouble since these are the types of shoes that will serve you well for many years.


Similar to other shoe types, the way it is able to perform on different surfaces will ultimately determine if these shoes are right for you. You should look for shoes that are capable of handling dry dirt and wet surfaces. This is possible with the rubber outsoles that comes with a tread and grippy pattern which allows the shoes to grip onto different surfaces, and prevent you from slipping or losing traction.

Chemical Resistance

If you plan to wear your cowboy boots in an industrial environment or around animals on farms, it is important to look for an outsole that is resistant to chemicals and won’t disintegrate when exposed to animal manure or oils. While a few models in the above list come with this type of outsole, these are usually not included in the fashion styles. This is why it is important to ensure you have selected the right pair.


If your job involves walking over rough conditions or concrete floors, you need boots that are designed to handle the demands associated with these surfaces. Certain types of rubber compounds are soft, which means they can lose their traction and shape a lot faster. This will also be influenced by your own pronation and weight. This is why choosing the correct sole is important when you need a pair of reliable boots. Most of the models we mentioned in this article can also be re-soled. This is a good option for wearers that enjoy the aesthetic appeal and comfort of their worn-in boots.