How To Buy Cowboy Boots For The First Time

So you have decided to buy yourself your first pair of Cowboy boots? How To Buy Cowboy BootsIf so, what a great choice you are making. Cowboy boots are without doubt a brilliant addition to any wardrobe, but shopping for your first pair is not easy. Shopping for your first pair, will be a lot different then shopping for a pair of normal shoes.There are alot of details that go into buying the right pair of cowboy boots, so it is very important that you do pay attention and keep all buying advice in mind.How To Buy Cowboy Boots1.Choosing The Right Material For Your First Pair Of Cowboy Boots You may think that cowboy boots only come in standard cowhide leather, but you are mistaken sorry to tell you.How To Buy Cowboy BootsThere are all sorts of different types of leather, that is used for making cowboy boots. You can get a pair of boots in such leather like alligator, snake and ostrich skins.For those who are looking for a non-animal based option of boot, there are many choices out there for boots that your not short of choice. How To Buy Cowboy BootsWhen choosing the right option for any footwear, there are many pros and cons to all of the above mentioned materials. Bare that in mind, it may be well worth your time to do a little bit of research.How To Buy Cowboy Boots2. Picking The Right Toe Shape Classic Toe Shape: The classic toe shape in a cowboy boot, is described as a tapered toe. This type of boot is smaller at the tip, but rounded. Which gives a good combination of a round pointed toe.Pointed Toe: Since around the 1950`s, having a pointed toe boot was a very popular choice. Typically these boots would have wither a “needle like” toe, which comes to a sharp point. A blunted toe tip, is one that looks like you have just cut off the corner.How To Buy Cowboy BootsRounded Toe: With out a doubt this is considered, as the most comfortable shape. The rounded toe boot, would be a brilliant choice for walking or a pair of fashion boots.Square Toe: A squared toe boot, you will no doubt find to be very comfortable. These types of boots allow your toes to spread out, if you are going to be wearing a pair for and extended period of time this will be the perfect choice.How To Buy Cowboy Boots3. Height Matters When Buying Boots. Important to remember, that almost all cowboy boots will have a heel of some sort on them. For boots the are made for men and boots for children, you are going to generally find a heal on them.The heels on boots, can vary from 3/4 an inch and go up to about 1 and 3/4 of an inch. Womens cowboy boots may have a much higher heel than that, you can almost be certain that a fashion pair of boots will be at least 2 inches in height or more.How To Buy Cowboy Boots4. The Construction of a Boot. You may want to pay close attention to the construction of your boot, especially before you your first pair.How To Buy Cowboy BootsMajority of most cowboy boots are made of different types of materials, but the best boots are made of all leather. Boots that are made of a higher quality, you will find that the sole is made from a soft type of leather.How To Buy Cowboy BootsTake a good look at the stitching if possible, make sure that is straight and tight. This will help to prevent the boot from buckling. You do want to try and make sure that your feet, will have all the necessary room to move and breath in the boot. This will mean that you will want to choose, a boot that has some space in the calf area.5. Considering the vintage boot. Very often when people are out shopping for cowboy boots, they will most certainly stumble across some pair of vintage boots. Because cowboy boots can last for decades with the proper care and attention. How To Buy Cowboy BootsVintage boots, may just become a good choice for you. You can easily find a very unique boot, when you go with a vintage boot choice.How To Buy Cowboy BootsThe cowboy boot is well built and you also will not have to pay a ton of money for a custom designed boot. If you are seriously considering the vintage option for a choice of boot, you may want to put a little time into it and keep looking for that right boot. Since many are just one of a kind, you will find a vintage boot that you like. When the hunt if finally over, go buy the boot before someone else.How To Buy Cowboy Boots6. The Different Types of Boots. When you start shopping for boots, you will soon discover that there are so many different types out there available to you.How To Buy Cowboy BootsWork boots: These are the sort of boots, that are ment to be put through anything and still be going for years later. They kinds of boots will have generally a low heel and soles with traction for them.How To Buy Cowboy BootsRiding Boots: Riding boots are also a form of cowboy boot, which are generally used for riding. These form of boots, are made with the firm intentions of comfort in mind. Because of this thinking, riding boots are also ideal for everyday activities too. In general these forms of boots, will have a tapered toe style to the boot.How To Buy Cowboy BootsRoper Boots: Very similar to a pair of riding boots, ropers were designed to allow riders to slip out of the saddle very easily. Roper boots generally have very low heels, they are also very flexible and have much lower shaft heights.How To Buy Cowboy BootsFashion Boots: Last but not least, there are fashion cowboy boots that are not really that practical. We mean practical in the form of, being useful like riding or roper boots. But by all means, fashion boots look the part. These are the types of boots with much higher heels, the material used is of a exotic leather and come in many wonderful, bright colors.7. Knowing How to Get That Perfect Fit. When your in the process, of buying your first pair of cowboy boots. It is important that your new boots fit you well. when you order your boots, you should order in your normal size of boot. You do need to take note, cowboy boots are not ment to go on easily. In fact, you may just find yourself struggling with your first pair. More then likely, you are going to have to wiggle your foot in and then your heel should make like a “thud” sound when they hit the sole.How To Buy Cowboy BootsYou should almost certainly wear socks, when you are wearing cowboy boots and that your boots should snugly, but not be tight. A well placed, good fitting boot will allow you to be able to wiggle your toes. You should be able to lift your heel slight, your boots should also be loose around the calf area but not leaving gaps.

How To Buy Cowboy Boots Online

When you cowboy boots online, it`s a great idea and amazing is a wonderful site to buy from. Your biggest consideration when buying cowboy boots on amazon, is making sure that the boots you buy are going to fit you correctly.How To Buy Cowboy BootsBecause of this, you are going to want to make yourself aware of the exchange policy. This is just encase that the boots you have ordered, may not fit correctly. When you are buying online, make sure you are buying reputable boots. How To Buy Cowboy BootsYou many want to take a few moments and read up on the feedback comments and ratings for the boots you want, to ensure that you are buying yourself quality boots.Conclusion No doubt cowboy boots can be a brilliant and fantastic addition, to any fashion wardrobe and they can also play a very practical role when it comes to both work and play. How To Buy Cowboy BootsIf you are wanting to make sure that your boots will last for many years to come, you will want to be looking at buying a high quality cowboy boot that is made from real genuine leather.Cowboy boots can be seen as an investing, these are a type of shoe that will give you an amazing return on your investment. As the better the quality of boot, the longer they are likely to last. A very important tip to be considering, is to pay attention to your very own personal style.This is an important factor, when it comes to making that final choice on what boot to purchase. When you wear your cowboy boots, wear them with confidence. They will make you feel and look great.